Sulaiman Hassani

A game developer

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I am sulaiman hassani a game developer and also a begginer web designer.

My Skills


Web Development

I love to know about how alghorithms and computers work so I took a shot and started web development recently.

Some Web Develepoment Projects

I didn't do alot in web development but I programed this portfolio website myself.


Geme Development

I loved hacking and it was so interesting for me when I started hacking games with game guardian and the environment of game guardian made me take a deeper look in programing.

Some Game Develepoment Projects

I made this top down game which in it there are fights between AIs and between player and AIs

tank-game tank-game

This 2d fantastic game with smart AIs took me more than an year to develope but it's one the best projects I worked on

platformer-game platformer-game platformer-game

I am currently working on this 3d cool game

3d-game 3d-game 3d-game

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